Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide

Here's a quick guide on how to get started!

1- Make Your Account!

Making your account is easy! We recommend you use the TWITTER or GOOGLE connect as they will allow you to skip the EMAIL confirmations! Although you will need to set your password later!

2- Get Familiar With The Website!

Whether you're using mobile or desktop it is important to know where everything goes!

1-Post Your Toony Art

This is important, posting the art you own or have drawn is a really good idea, although make sure to tag things properly!

3.1-Select whether to post 1 or multiple images at once.

You can post Multiple pictures at once as long as they all fit in the same category, descriptions are set after posting the Art(See 3.6)

3.2-Give appropriate titles to the image(s).

We recommend doing this: IF it's a commissioned piece please append: "By: ArtistName"after your title or "[Commission]" before it , it is not necessary but it is recommended.

3.3-Select the appropriate category for the submitted Art.

As in choose "Toony Art" if it's art where toony tropes are happening and the drawing is Digital or Traditional. Also make EXTRA SURE to post NSFW pictures in NSFW Categories! Failure to follow this rule will get you banned!

3.4-Choose the visibility

Chose to who the image is visible to, you can make it visible to only your friends or make it private.

3.5-Redirected to your gallery

Within your gallery you can now edit your images, choose which image you want to add a description to!

3.6-Add a Description

To add a description you must edit the image and in it. When you do so it is recommended to TAG your art with Hashtags(#) like so:

Make sure to also credit the artist you can type: "@NameOfWhoYouWantToTag" like: @Arcaxon which becomes: Arcaxon when clicking on the name which pops-up!